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This is the Mac Environmental Club, dedicated to solving the environmental crisis, starting with our campus (as you might have heard before: think globally, act locally). We have focused our efforts mainly on making recycling more available and widespread at Mac, by bringing recycling to the main student buildings: the CC and the MS building, and not just in the residences. CERES has many projects, and we are always open to new ones! To give you an idea, last year we were up to:

Student Mobilization Club (SMC)

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The Student Mobilization Committee is the place to be to discuss political matters and make things change. SMC organizes campaigns to raise awareness about various political subjects of the local and provincial scenes as well as global issues. It creates promotional material to educate and mobilize the Macdonald community on all these issues. It also organizes political actions such as demonstrations to make sure the voice of Macdonald students is heard here and across Québec.

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