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Macdonald Model Building Club

Club (M.M.B.C) is a club that was establish for the joy of model building, through the sharing of experience and techniques. This club includes a variety of model such as “ANIEME MODELS, “HOUSING MODELS”, “PLANE MODELS”, “CAR MODELS” and much more. So come by and tell us which one is your favorite. The joy of hands on work will start now. 

Contact Email : 

Macdonald Outdoor Adventure Club (OAC)

Contact E-Mail:

Hiking, camping, horseback riding day or night, kayaking, mountain biking, rock & ice climbing, snowboard & ski trips or even skydiving! Need some exhilaration and something to get your blood pumping or just want to try something new? OAC organizes diverse trips so you can enjoy the outdoors and nature to its fullest! Any ideas are welcome!! Come join us for amazing outdoor adventures! If you want to become a member or would like to help us organize events, E-Mail us! Come on and get out there!

Macdonald Student Ecological Garden

We do it because we want to eat good food. Because we want to do something meaningful with our hands, not just in theory. try it out, see how it works! Because we love to get to know people. Because we think the greatest power a university has, is in its students. We're working with 1 1/4 acres of land to sustainably produce vegetables for McGill community and its surroundings. This is a student-run, student-driven project. what manifests comes directly from what we want to see in it.

McGill Apicultural Association

The McGill Apicultural Association (MAA) is a student-run and governed association that involves students from several disciplines in the natural sciences. The main focus of our club is the promotion of the art of beekeeping, with the particular interest in self-sustainable, small-scale/urban beekeeping. Throughout the year we organize various educational events, and provide a hands-on experience in beekeeping in our apiary that has been set up on the Mac campus grounds.

McGill Global Food Security Club

The McGill Global Food Security Club raises awareness and organizes projects focusing on food security issues at the local and global level. The club is a hub for student projects. It supports, shares information, and collaborates with other student organizations to develop a network between Mac and downtown McGill, other universities, local NGOs, international NGOs, and the general public. This interdisciplinary club is open to students in all majors both undergrads and graduate students.

McGill Wildlife Association (MWA)

MWA, is a student organization that aims to promote wildlife conservation and wildlife related activities for nature lovers and alike. Any student is eligible to apply and the scope of activities/events is wide. 

The Objectives of the MWA are listed below: 

1. The main focus of the organization is to broaden our knowledge of wildlife and nature through activities and field trips 

Music Club

Come and jam with us. No level required. You can sing, you can clap your hand, you can use the instruments provided by the Music Club and you can also have a beer and enjoy the music!

Every Wednesday night

Muslim Studies Association (MSA)

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The Macdonald Campus Muslim Student Association (MSA) is an organization that provides spiritual guidance to McGill students through Islamic teachings. Through numerous events, that are open to all students, the MSA has long endeavoured to help raise Islamic awareness on campus. In addition, the Macdonald Campus MSA provides numerous services to Muslim students to help them to maintain a wholesome balance of student and spiritual life. These services include student orientation, religious holiday proceedings and festivities, weekly prayer and sermons.


The McGill University Tractor Pulling Team is open to all MacDonald Campus students. The goal of the team is to build a quarter-scale tractor to participate in ASABE's Quarter-Scale Tractor Competition. Participating allows members to gain valuable experience in a ‘real life’ situation by constructing a tractor, analysing costs and promoting the idea to a market. Last year, Mutrac finished 9th during in the overall competition and 3rd in the team presentation section.

Out of the Garden Project

Out of the Garden offers healthy, affordable, homemade and delicious food in MAC's very own student café! We promote local and sustainable food choices, and offer manyopportunitiesto get involved: come to eat, come to cook, or come to learn! Find us in the Ceilidh Monday-Wednesday, and look out for workshops throughout the year.

Photography Society

Interested in black and white photography? Have a desire to develop your own photos? Share your photographic expertise or come to learn about this beautiful medium. There's even a manual camera you can borrow if you don't have your own. Drop by the MCSS counter and sign up!

Rainbow Mac

Rainbow Mac is a group for queer and queer-positive people at McGill’s Macdonald campus whose main goal is to provide a feeling of acceptance to the GLBT community and dispel some of the myths and hostility that is found on campus. Rainbow Mac is not only a support group, but place where people can make new friends and connections. Meetings are twice monthly and are held to discuss relevant issues and plan that semester’s activities.




Recycling involves the reuse of discarded materials in the manufacture of new products.  This helps prevent waste, reduces the use of new raw materials, lowers energy consumption, cuts down on air and water pollution due to lowered incineration and landfilling, and drops GHG emissions when compared to the production of new items from raw materials. The main benefit from recycling is reduced landfill costs. Recycling also lowers a country’s carbon emissions e.g. 49 million metric tons was generated in the United States for the year 2005.


Student Mobilization Club (SMC)

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The Student Mobilization Committee is the place to be to discuss political matters and make things change. SMC organizes campaigns to raise awareness about various political subjects of the local and provincial scenes as well as global issues. It creates promotional material to educate and mobilize the Macdonald community on all these issues. It also organizes political actions such as demonstrations to make sure the voice of Macdonald students is heard here and across Québec.

The Bioresource Engineering Association (BEA)

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This Association regroups all of the undergraduate students registered in the Department of Bioresource Engineering. The executive of the Association is a group composed of creative and enthusiastic Macdonald Campus engineering students who are interested in the development and promotion of the program as well as the social well-being of its students. You too can be part of it!

Woodsmen Club

By far the most original and exhilarating varsity sports teams on Campus! If the thought of chopping, sawing, splitting or climbing wood is even remotely intriguing, come try out for one of the teams in September. Camaraderie and challenge peak at annual competitions held on the Macdonald Campus, at the University of New Brunswick, the Nova Scotia Agricultural College and the Sir Sanford Flemming. Early morning practices keep us kicking and the skill and strength required to compete in team, singles and double events builds up over the year to an impressive standard of performance.

Yearbook Committee

Is your creative side screaming to get out? Well, look no further! We have just the thing for you! The yearbook committee will give you the opportunity to exercise your artistic side, to design beautiful pages that will be remembered for years to come and to meet lots of people by becoming camera crazy! Let your imagination go wild, show the world the power of our MAC campus….and create wonderful memories. Everyone is welcome to join us, no experience needed. Go to the MCSS counter for more info or to sign-up.