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Earn your fortune and your dinner at Mac's first Food and Agri-themed Game Night on Fri, Oct. 3rd,, 5pm to 9pm in Ceilidh, Centennial Centre!

Make deals to grow and sell food, forge alliances, and beat your competitors to the top of the international food and agriculture market! Game night followed by buffet dinner.

Winners will get a prize!

Tickets 12$ at the door and on sale (limited) at the MCSS counter for $9. Includes game and buffet dinner.

St. Patty's TURKEY DINNER THURSDAY 3/13 (veg options)

Once again, the Bioresource Engineering Association presents its annual St. Patty's Turkey Roast! Everyone is welcome to our happy campus pub to enjoy a delicious meal with friends and coworkers !

An Introduction to Green Drinks Ste. Anne

“If you are thinking 1 year ahead…sow seeds.

If you are thinking 10 years ahead…plant a tree.

If you are thinking 100 years ahead…educate the people.”


Ways to Reduce Your Carbon Imprint


             To reduce your carbon imprint, you first have to know what you are doing correctly (and what you are not!).  To calculate your carbon imprint go to the following website:  And to calculate you “water” footprint you can go to  To further reduce your environmental imprint you can do some (or all!) of the following things:




Recycling involves the reuse of discarded materials in the manufacture of new products.  This helps prevent waste, reduces the use of new raw materials, lowers energy consumption, cuts down on air and water pollution due to lowered incineration and landfilling, and drops GHG emissions when compared to the production of new items from raw materials. The main benefit from recycling is reduced landfill costs. Recycling also lowers a country’s carbon emissions e.g. 49 million metric tons was generated in the United States for the year 2005.


Green Cleaning - Information and Recipes


Green Cleaning – Information & Recipes

Most conventional household cleaning products contain ingredients that are hazardous to human health and the environment.  This is not a complete list.  Check out the references listed below for more information on these and other ingredients.



Ingredients To Avoid

2-butoxyethanol (ethylene glycol butyl ether)

  1. Associated with liver & kidney damage, reproductive damage
  2. Found in carpet cleaners and glass cleaners


Local Foods Calendar for Montreal

Local Foods Calendar for Montreal

Apples — Onions — Parsnips — Potatoes — Rutabaga

Apples — Greenhouse Cucumbers — Onions — Parsnips — Rutabaga

Apples — Greenhouse Cucumbers — Onions — Parsnips — Rutabaga

Apples — Greenhouse Cucumbers — Greenhouse Tomatoes — Onions — Parsnips — Rutabaga

Asparagus — Greenhouse Cucumbers — Greenhouse Onions — Greenhouse Peppers — Tomatoes — Rutabaga

Biomimicry In Engineering and Sustainability

Bioresource Engineering Association and Green Drinks present : Biomimicry in Engineering and Sustainability 

3,8 billion years of Research & Development to help us to get to sustainability
How lotus leaves inspired the design of a self cleaning outdoor coating? The Kingfisher an energy efficient train? The humpack whale a high performant wind turbine?

E-Waste collection this valentine's day / Collecte des déchets électroniques le jour de la Saint-Valentin

Stop by the MS Lobby this Valentine's day between 10AM and 1PM to drop off your E-waste! Reboot McGill, GEEP (a global e-waste recycling company), and Gorilla Compost will help you dispose of your electronis. Everything from televisions, to cellphones, to batteries are accepted! (check out poster for full details).


Come To Green-Energy Career Discussions Downtown!

Head downtown to the Green Energy-Career Panel Discussion on Wednesday February 26th between 5:30-7:30pm in FDA 5. Co-hosted by BEA (Bioresource Engineering Association), POWE (Promoting Opportunities for Women in Engineering) and SEAM (Sustainability in Engineering at McGill), this event will bring members of the industry to McGill to discuss their accounts of finding employment in the green energy sector.

Panelists will be asked prepared questions from the event organizer, and then the floor will be opened for students to ask their questions. FREE FOOD. 

See you all there