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Agricultural & Environmental Sciences Undergraduate Society

Those of you registered in the Farm Management and Technology Program (FMT), and undergraduates of the B.Sc. of Agriculture, Environmental Sciences and Engineering are members of the AESUS. Our organization counts five executive members that represent differenent posistions within the society.

Association des futur(e)s agronomes du Québec

AFAQ is an association made up of motivated students that are interested in agriculture and in the practice of agronomy in Quebec. It promotes the profession of agronomist (“agronome”) among Mac students and it creates the link between the students, the "Ordre des Agronomes du Québec (OAQ)" and McGill University. This will be done through various funny activities such as one-day internship “Agronome d’un jour”, movie nights, contests with prizes, guest speakers and more! AFAQ is also responsible for the sale of the “Mémento”, the official book for the OAQ admission exam.

Bioresource Engineering Association

This Association regroups all of the undergraduate students registered in the Department of Bioresource Engineering. The executive of the Association is a group composed of creative and enthusiastic Macdonald Campus engineering students who are interested in the development and promotion of the program as well as the social well-being of its students. You too can be part of it!

Brewer’s Union of Macdonald (B.U.M.)

Contact E-Mail:

Brewers Union of Macdonald (B.U.M) is a club that hopes to grow the home brewing and the craft brewing community at the Macdonald campus. We meet on a regular basis to discuss the beer community, the love and the science behind brewing. We welcome everyone from amateur to advanced brewers, or just beer lovers looking to learn more about one of mans oldest beverage! Interested!?

Canadian Association of Foodservice Professionals

CAFP at Macdonald campus is the junior branch of a national association. Since the club came to McGill in 1970, it has given students in food related programs the chance to be part of a large network of professionals, which opens the door to attractive career opportunities and allows students to make contacts in the industry. Over the course of the year, members are responsible for planning fundraisers, social activities, as well as educational sessions on issues of interest to students. The national branch of CAFP also offers the opportunity to win several scholarships and awards.


This is the Mac Environmental Club, dedicated to solving the environmental crisis, starting with our campus (as you might have heard before: think globally, act locally). We have focused our efforts mainly on making recycling more available and widespread at Mac, by bringing recycling to the main student buildings: the CC and the MS building, and not just in the residences. CERES has many projects, and we are always open to new ones! To give you an idea, last year we were up to:

Chinese Student and Scholar Association Macdonald

The Chinese Students and Scholars Association (CSSA) is the HOME for all Chinese students and scholars at the Macdonald campus. Its mission is to act as the voice of its members, and promote the diversity of Chinese students and scholars' life at Mac. Our main goal is to promote the understanding of Chinese culture and to foster and strengthen friendship between Chinese students and scholars and other societies both within and outside the Macdonald campus. INTERNATIONAL and CANADIAN students are warmly welcome to join our group. CSSA is the reason for us to get together and have fun!!!

Dietetics & Human Nutrition Undergraduate Society

The Dietetics and Human Nutrition Undergraduate Society (DHNUS) represents all undergraduate students majoring in Dietetics and Nutrition at McGill University. DHNUS hosts both entertaining social events that allow students to connect with their peers, and informative career events that expose students to their field of study. Be sure to participate in the blood drive, the annual Chocolate Party, the infamous Wine and Cheese, Nutrition Week, and many other events! 

Engineer Without Borders (EWB)

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Engineers Without Borders (EWB) is a Canadian NGO that is helping to accelerate development in Africa. Its approach is to create systemic change by investing in people and providing them with opportunities to unlock their potential. EWB collaborates with individuals, businesses, organizations and governments to help them reach their own development goals. In parallel, EWB raises awareness within the Canadian society on policy matters and other social issues.

Farm Management Technology Student Association (FMTSA)

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This Association on the Macdonald Campus takes care of all FMT student related issues and activities. If you are an FMT student, you’re a member. We host BBQs and other events at the farm center or in the town of St. Anne’s. We are here to make your three years on this campus a blast. If you have a concern about anything going on around you, just send us your questions!

Farm to School

Farm to school is a project based at the Macdonald Campus of the McGill University where our goal is to offer education about the environment and agronomy to young students from the island of Montréal and the surrounding areas. We organize workshops with elementary schools where we teach modules on our campus. We also supply these educational modules to teachers so that they can use them in their classrooms. The modules are build following the guidelines set out by the Québec Ministry of Education in the course AGRI 482 special topic.

Food Science Association


McGill's Food Science Association is a student-based group representing the McGill Food Science department with the mission of sharing our knowledge and passion for food with our peers, all while promoting our field of study. The FSA organizes a variety of events that allow both undergraduate and graduate Food Science students, who are all automatically enrolled in the FSA, to mingle in a social context.


Good Food Box

The Mac Good Food Box is your on-campus source of very fresh & (mostly) local fruits and vegetables, available to you at a VERY affordable price! (S/$7 - M/$10 - L/$16) The program is run by Moisson Montréal who delivers the boxes of produce to Mac biweekly. they always contain a different variety! Orders can be placed at our booth - please check the Mouthpiece for place & time. We also welcome any new volunteers to be a part of our fun & rewarding atmosphere!

Gorilla Composting

Gorilla Compost ensures proper cycling of Macdonald Campus' organic wastes by collecting compostable matter at convenient on-campus locations and converting it to usable fertilizer for the campus' community gardens. Less landfill waste, less artificial fertilizer used, one more step towards a sustainable campus and planet! All this is possible with the help of awesome volunteers!

Green Drinks Ste-Anne’s

Contact E-Mail:

Green Drinks is an environmental forum for people to get together, exchange ideas and hopefully walk away inspired! There are over 600 chapters of Green Drinks around the world. We show films and have guest speakers andusually have an informal get together afterward with free homemade refreshments. If you want to join our listserv E-Mail us or drop by the MCSS desk.

Happy Belly

As food revolutionaries, Happy Belly applies the principle of ''Think globally, act locally''. We collect food from nearby grocery stores and farms consisting mainly of perishable items near the end of their shelf life that would otherwise be discarded but are still safe to eat. Every week, we cook and serve a free healthy lunch for students and staff. The meals are vegan-friendly with few processed ingredients. We partner with the Macdonald Student-Run Ecological Garden to provide you with locally grown food you can eat.

Happy Feet

Welcome to Happy Feet! We are a dynamic dance club that involves students teaching various dance styles, such as hip hop, contemporary, latin dances and many more! No prior dance experience or partner needed just show up and have fun! Whether you are a trained in a specific style or have never danced before, Happy Feet has something for you. You can find us on facebook or send us an email to keep updated on the sessions. See you there!

Facebook: Happy Feet