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Third meeting for MoA Negotiations

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On Feb 20th, 2015, MCSS Executive met with McGill for a third time to negotiate the terms of the new Memorandum of Agreement at the Macdonald Campus.

The meeting began with a proposed definition of revenue generating space by MCSS:
“A space which involves a point of sale or storage of inventory used for sale excluding areas of sales that provide student services”

The rationale was that the Bookstore is an essential service for students and that MCSS should not have to assume the burden of paying for the physical space. Currently, MCSS pays rent, inventory, and staffing costs for the Bookstore. MCSS will return to the negotiating table with concrete plans for the future of the Bookstore.

The negotiations continued with the proposed changes brought forth by MCSS in both rate per square foot that McGill charges MCSS for revenue generating space as well as the number of rooms being charged as revenue generating space. MCSS proposes that the only spaces that should be considered revenue generating are directly related to Ceilidh bar night activity (eg. storage of inventory to be sold, Ceilidh bar area). McGill responds by saying the rate will not change since it is the going rate and that the university will not subsidize revenue generating space. The University once again appeals to the argument that the rate is standard across student societies and that they will not promote favouritism.

The proposed rate by McGill is $16.00/sq.ft (current rate of $13/sq.ft + $3) with the current 3784 sq.ft for a total of $60,544.00 in the 2015-2016 year, with the rate increase by $1/sq.ft per year. MCSS proposes a fee of $13.26 (current rate of $13/sq.ft + 2%) with revised square footage of 1895 for a total of $25,127.70 for the 2015-2016 year, with the rate increase of 2%/sq.ft per year.

Appendix B (Annual Administrative Fee Schedule) was once again addressed, this time with MCSS proposing an increase of 2% per year ($1,050 for 2015-2016) compared to McGill proposed increase of 85% ($1,850 for 2015-2016).

The issue of the MCSS Health and Dental plan was brought up. The plan represents a large portion of the administrative cost, since McGill sends information to and receives information from the insurer. MCSS assumes the current distribution of forms, as well as the promotion and collection of fees from students for the plan. MCSS also currently pays a 1% expense to McGill for bad debt, which McGill claims they shouldn’t.

The next meeting is scheduled on March 16th.

Want to know more about how your money will be used as the new MoA is negotiated? Contact your MCSS executive and get involved by making suggestions. The MoA cannot be agreed upon without student vote, so make sure to be well informed when the time comes.

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