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Second MoA Negotiations 2015

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Second meeting for MoA negotiations between Macdonald Campus Students’ Society and McGill University
Date: February 6th, 2015
Meeting was set to begin at 11:00, meeting began at 11:30.

Representing McGill: Gary O’Connell, Vilma Campbell
Representing MCSS: Valerie Toupin-Dubé, Mathieu Rouleau, Lise Wood

Preamble: As a student association, MCSS has an agreement with McGill that outlines the relationship between the two parties. This agreement gets updated every 5 years. The current agreement is found here: 

Topics of discussion

  • MCSS wanted to look right away at money, McGill’s representative insisted to begin through the MoA in numerical order of clauses. MCSS wanted to discuss the definition of “Revenue Generating Space”.
  • Dismissed until negotiations reach a clause which refers to Revenue Generating Space


  • MCSS disagrees with the new proposed fee schedule, stating that the 85% increase of fees are exuberant
  • MCSS falls within the highest category of student fees collected (collection of $250 000 or more per year)
  • When asked about the rationale behind the 85% increase, McGill appeals to no change within 20 years and that the amount is very modest, and that McGill wants all student societies to pay the same fee so none get preferential treatment
  • Will be readdressed in the next negotiation

Article 8.3 MCSS cannot solicit, receive gifts, grants, or requests on behalf of the other party without prior consent from either party. 120-> 160 days. As MCSS council members are all unpaid McGill appeals that it is business practice to do 120 days. In case of default, MCSS wants 60 days, McGill appeals once again that it is common practice

Previous negotiation updates can be found here: