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Preliminary MoA Negotiations 2015

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On Jan 7th, 2015, MCSS Executive met with McGill to discuss the Memorandum of Agreement at the Macdonald Campus.


McGill is proposing a significant rent increase to over $75000 from the current rate of under $50000. They stated that other student associations are paying this rate and this significant increase is to adjust the lack of increases in the past. They are also proposing a very big increase with the Annual Administrative Fee Schedule. We also asked them to define revenue generating spaces as the rent is associated with the fees we pay to McGill. In the document McGill presented to MCSS representatives it also stated that the names of the clubs would have to be modified to accurately represent who they are as clubs.


MCSS kept bringing up the point that we are a unique campus and offer so much more to students being a campus half an hour from the main Campus. We also pointed out that we offer a lot to the Macdonald community and staff: the peer helper program, extra library hours during exam period, my involvement, financial support to all the campus clubs and the bookstore. The Bookstore was taken up by MCSS because McGill would no longer take care of this service to the Macdonald community.  We hold firm in our belief that we should not have to pay more than a $1 symbolic fee, such as is customary at some other universities, for the spaces we have on campus.  Our budget does not permit this - as a result of higher rent we would have to reduce our services and activities to a great extent.   Furthermore, we stated we do not want to change the names of the clubs or add more words to our existing club names.

Want to know how your rights and fees are going to change with this MoA and share your thoughts? Come join us January 20th at 11:30am for our General Assembly where refreshments will be served.