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You are currently viewing the legacy version of the MCSS Website. You can view the new website of the Macdonald Campus Students' Society at Information identified as archived is provided for reference, research or record-keeping purposes. It has not been altered or updated since it was archived by the MCSS.

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Statement Regarding the Appointment of a New Interim Senior Director of Student Services

On Friday, September 25, 2015 the Deputy Provost (Student Life and Learning), Ollivier Dyens, announced the appointment of a new Interim Senior Director of Student Services for the coming academic year. We, 1 as the associations representing those McGill students who pay fees to Student Services, would like to voice our strong disapproval for the lack of consultation that occurred in making this decision.

Third meeting for MoA Negotiations

On Feb 20th, 2015, MCSS Executive met with McGill for a third time to negotiate the terms of the new Memorandum of Agreement at the Macdonald Campus.

The meeting began with a proposed definition of revenue generating space by MCSS:
“A space which involves a point of sale or storage of inventory used for sale excluding areas of sales that provide student services”

Second MoA Negotiations 2015

Second meeting for MoA negotiations between Macdonald Campus Students’ Society and McGill University
Date: February 6th, 2015
Meeting was set to begin at 11:00, meeting began at 11:30.

Representing McGill: Gary O’Connell, Vilma Campbell
Representing MCSS: Valerie Toupin-Dubé, Mathieu Rouleau, Lise Wood

Preliminary MoA Negotiations 2015

On Jan 7th, 2015, MCSS Executive met with McGill to discuss the Memorandum of Agreement at the Macdonald Campus.


A topic close to our hearts - Mac shuttle bus & a solution

The Mac campus shuttle.  Foreign to all but those who require this necessity of school life, it ferries a score of students daily without fail and for the most part fulfills its role adamantly.  However, with this accessible route of transportation comes several unfortunate nuances.  Competition for space to get back downtown at 5:30 pm,  shuttle arriving late for freezing students at 7 in the morning, just several of the possible scenarios which plague busy souls with unfortunate schedules.  In light of this there has been a history of complaints and suggestions. 

Yes Committee: Why we should divest from fossil fuel companies

MCSS used to invest in fossil fuel companies. To our credit, we stopped.

Not because they don’t give us more money. Because we felt it’s wrong.

However, we still buy investments in banks, which then give the money to fossil fuel companies, which really comes down to the same thing.           


MALL (Macdonald Active Learning Lab) Video Contest Winners! There were 3 entries for the student contest and we had two winners and a runner up. The students were asked to film a short video showcasing the innovation and teaching capabilities of the new active learning classroom.

The winning teams were 1. Matthew Loxley & Sean Schmitz 2. Mutrac and the runners up were Emina Ida and Laura Lefebvre

The story behind the M1 beer

The M1 beer, which stand for Mac’s First, was an idea brought forth by the Brewer’s Union of Macdonald and turned into a reality with the help of the campus bar the Ceilidh and the Macdonald Campus Students' Society. The first major obstacle was to be allowed to brew. Because brewing is not permitted on university grounds, the students had to find a brewery willing to let us design the recipe and brew it in their equipment. Luckily, the Bilboquet from St-Hyacinth was willing to do so.

Fire on Campus: Message from the McGill Principal

Thank you to everyone who quickly responded to a serious fire that started early yesterday morning in the feed storage area at the Macdonald Campus Farm. Our employees moved fast to keep the blaze from spreading and affecting livestock in the adjacent barn, and a group of about 20 students practicing nearby with the Macdonald Campus Woodsmen team came to offer help. Along with staff members, they led 135 head of cattle to safety and helped make sure they were provided with food and water.

Welcome to the new MCSS Website

After two months of development, we present to you the current website you see before your eyes. We have moved content from the old website, made the website easier to navigate and added some new functionalities.

New features

  1. New and improved mouthpiece & archives of old editions
  2. Calendar of events built into the site
  3. Blog for campus updates

Check back often as the website will be regularly updated – better yet, make it your homepage!